The Story of Nixon Honey

The Nixon Honey farm was started in 1998 in Southern Alberta, requiring only 2–3 employees at the time of conception.

We shortly discovered there was limited space for beekeepers in this area, and after only one year of operation, we built our first honey extracting facility near Innisfail, Alberta.

As one of the only beekeepers in Innisfail at the time, Nixon Honey was able to provide a much-needed product and service to the area, and the company flourished.

We are a family owned and operated company, and now currently have 16 employees working at our facilities. Nixon Honey has grown into one of the larger honeybee farms in Alberta and Canada. We are a large supplier of honeybees to the hybrid canola seed production industry in Southern Alberta, and also offer these pollination services to local fruit and vegetable producers.

Nixon Honey produces some of the best honey in the world, shipping our product all over North America, as well as to Europe and Asia.

Our Process

Nixon Honey conducts all operations within our own facility. We package honey produced by our bees, and do not outsource.

All our products have their own SKU’s and coded containers for easy package date and time traceability. We are a CFIA registered and inspected facility.

Depending on the floral source, some honey can granulate and harden. To achieve the consistently smooth, great tasting product that Nixon Honey is known for, we cream all our honey. Creaming also allows us to minimize the screening process and use lower temperatures, increasing the overall health benefit of the honey.

To achieve liquid honey with an extensive shelf life, high heat filtration is required. However, high temperatures can kill naturally occurring enzymes and removes naturally found pollen in the honey. To maintain our honey’s health benefits, Nixon Honey does not currently offer a liquid honey.